Poon Kanchi Solo Exhibition ——Pink dream Upcoming

日期:2018/03/21 作者: Poon kanchi


Poon Kanchi Solo Exhibition ——Pink dream 




 Location:Hong Kong Cultural Centre ,10 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong



Pink Dream is the name of my solo exhibition in 2018. Art is a pink dream for me and I won't wake up. Whether I go all the way through the mountains or the sea, Can’t say persistence.I only say that I have been doing it all the time. I am always dreaming. Can’t say struggle, only can say that every effort is made for enjoy every second of happiness. It is not about suffering, only willingness, not turning back, no more. It is pink, warm and grateful; whether who is seen, collected, shared, commented, supported, or existing, who is also an integral part of dreams. Which is also a pink particle, brushing out the romantic concentration, shining spotlights will glow, light out of the pupil's fascinating ivory tower.





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