Ho Qingyuan and Poon Kan Chi Double Solo Exhibition

日期:2023/07/23 作者: Poon kanchi

The "Ho Qingyuan and Poon Kan Chi Double Solo Exhibition ——Koan and Dragon's Pilgrimage" art exhibition successfully opened on July 19, 2023, at 4:00 PM at HOPOFID GALLERY, located within the LANDMARK SOUTH building in Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong Island.

This exhibition is a grand celebration of art and culture. It not only showcases the exquisite artworks of the two artists but also highlights their incorporation of Eastern cultural elements and deep respect for traditional heritage.

The "Koan and Dragon's Pilgrimage" art exhibition offers a spiritual baptism, guiding the audience beyond superficial appearances and focusing on the essence within. We sincerely invite you to join us and experience this fusion of traditional and contemporary art.





"Koan and Dragon's Pilgrimage" exhibition showcases the artworks of two distinguished artists, Ho Qingyuan and Poon Kan Chi. The exhibit features Ho Qingyuan's "Koan" series, comprising small-scale works created in 2021, and Poon Kan Chi's monumental 12-meter artwork titled "Chichi Dragon."


Despite their divergent artistic styles and themes, both artists incorporate elements of Eastern culture, reflecting a profound respect for traditional heritage and offering creative interpretations.


Ho Qingyuan's "Koan" series, though modest in size, exudes grandeur and depth through spontaneous brushstrokes that reveal the artist's skill and aesthetic sensibility. These works delve into deep contemplations on human nature, emphasizing the impact of the social environment and the inner emotional tensions triggered by various events in life. The series encapsulates the essence of Eastern culture, integrating the spirit and techniques of classical Chinese literati painting, blending the spontaneity, elegance, depth, and introversion of traditional ink art with the compositional principles of Western modern painting, resulting in a unique artistic style.


"Zen's true meaning lies beyond words and language, directly imprinting the heart, thus known as 'Koan.'" Zen's essence transcends the limitations of language and concepts, seeking to experience the true nature of the mind directly. In this exhibition, Ho Qingyuan's "Koan" series not only embodies the philosophical concept of Zen but also serves as the core inspiration and expression of the artist. "Koan" represents the artist's inner perceptions, emotions, and thoughts imprinted on each artwork, akin to a diary of the soul. Through painting, the artist uses colors, lines, and basic abstract elements to directly express emotions and convey their inner world, approaching creation as a form of meditation, writing the traces and experiences of the heart. This mode of creation surpasses the limitations of words and language, emphasizing the direct imprinting of the heart, conveying pure, authentic emotions, and thoughts.


Each artwork reflects the projection of the artist's soul, carrying unique emotions and sentiments. Ho Qingyuan's works emphasize the direct expressiveness of art and the universality of the human spirit, enabling viewers to sense the artist's inner pulse and resonate emotionally while appreciating the artworks.


Furthermore, "Dragon's Pilgrimage" represents a central theme in this exhibition. Poon Kan Chi employs the symbol of the dragon, signifying authority, power, and wisdom in traditional Chinese culture, to carry virtues such as benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom, and trust. By portraying the dragon's image and inscribing these virtues meticulously on the dragon's scales using a calligraphy brush, a new artistic symbol, "Chichi Dragon," is created.


Through the combination of imagery and embedded texts, integrating the forms of painting and calligraphy, each scale of the dragon bears the handwritten characters representing virtues such as benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom, and trust. The intention is to provoke contemplation and realization of these values within the audience, symbolizing essential moral and spiritual pursuits in ancient culture. These virtues embody benevolence, justice, respect, wisdom, and sincerity, reflecting humanity's pursuit of positive qualities and aspirations. It is both a tribute to traditional culture and an exploration and expression of the artist's spiritual world.


In this unique manner, the artist concretizes abstract spiritual concepts, presenting viewers with artworks imbued with profound cultural connotations and the wisdom of humanity. It showcases the eternal charm of traditional culture in contemporary art, guiding viewers to contemplate and realize traditional virtues, while also revealing the value and significance of benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom, and trust that shimmer within the artist's works.


This exhibition offers an intellectual baptism, guiding attendees to surpass superficial appearances and focus on the authenticity of their inner selves. Through "Koan and Dragon's Pilgrimage," the artists aspire to evoke profound contemplation and realization within the audience, allowing each visitor to discover imprints of the soul and cultural resonance within the realm of art.


In this exhibition, art serves as a connection to the inner self, a bridge for communication between viewers and artists, and a bond for emotional exchange among attendees. We cordially invite you to join us in this extraordinary experience of art and culture.


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