Poon Kanchi Art work development

Date:2018/10/21 Editor: Poon kanchi

Since 2012 starts to create a series of painting about flower, which is only because a very pure idea
about express personal favourite .At those moment recognise “flower” as a very attractive element
that found in daily life such as the pattern design object and cotton print. (Suddenly discover
“flower “as another most attractive items after “ human face” ) Keep painting as a process
development for find out the reason behind the attractiveness . Until is 2014, continue develop
creation in pass three years, quite sure about flower as a common element which exit in daily life
which same as function of symbols, represent as a common pattern find in bedding and curtains,
and develop the use of change to become a pattern on my dress and flowers which receive. If
Saliormoon cartoon contain a important meaning of my mental development and accompanied
significance , then “flower” as symbol is forming a familiar sense of security , following and tracing
boring and repeating pattens and colour collage , physical education of aesthetic feeling training and
understanding of nature plants. Those objects needed to contain by a container , the most natural
and inertia space as “Room” , a citizen must exit in this area, a private space is a own planet . In this
planet , we can do whatever you like to in the way of no another body was there. When there was a
time for alone, the moment of dazing before fall asleep is a good time for thinking . At those
moment , feeling strongly lonely as an imagination space of unknown , like a window you cannot see
Trace back to 2008, the second years I study in Hong Kong Art School, I start to think about the
original starting point of my creation. Discovered the first desire of “controllable drawing” as
copying the Sailormoon cartoon. By digestion and precipitation of this “discover “for few years, to
get the real meaning for myself and start to create the body of art work in a more concrete and
simple way. Wish this exhibition could bring a magic “click moment” for the audience about the
memory and perception of private space ,or /and the feeling about uncertain of personal identity
experience. Thank you!
Additionally, the pastel colour series draw on cotton cloth, using fine liner maker as a tool to create
the teenage dream , which including the girl’s exploration of their uncertain identity, the friendship
moment and the build up of ego . A world which is full of flower pattern and projection of the
ideas of the artist imagination .
About Swan in Artist ’s point of view: Swan in lake, Water in lake, Flower in lake and waiting the
most elegant water drop in lake.
When seeing the animals , projecting the personal ideas to the picture, which can be about love,
about the temperature during the interaction .If the analogy with a writing style that is a quasiphysical
method. But, I am using the brush to paint.
About landscapes, wild view that is a static object, close up there are delicate magic.
About Little cat, remember the first time I start to apply ink as my creation medium was in the end
of the year 2014,which is the moment I back from the residency from Beijing, that experience allow
me to feel the environment in three dimensional and the atmosphere of the new perspective and
different layers .Totally different from the words or social digital media third people expression and
transferring. But let me to immerse deep inside and touch over there, many time of mix and
combine in mentally and physically , stimulation and understanding and misunderstanding of the
different in oral langue to discover the “sharing dust” . Somehow to open and break “ME”in twenty
something just after a year of graduation of my Master Degree study. So, the self- study and deeper
interest of ink art start at same time, when I was planning the creative direction for the next Artist in
residency in HangZhou 2015. This is a very important step. Cat became Muse and show on the rice
paper though the brush .I never own a cat ,but the gesture of little cat live in my heart.
About Fu Dog, from Little cat to fu Dog, experiencing the culture ,from my own heart space
entering into the bigger history background, from little cat to big cat, reflecting the increasing of
vision, bigger area of absorbing the sign and links related to protection, story , meth ,folk, home and
children .Which is a shape of fruitful and vivi animals present.
Each antique have it own story and life , there are many different texture, gain by time or human
touch, it is faith and myth , something inside the history but beyond it everyday, when I try to
observe the object or photo image , it provides me a new interests point to get further discover and
develop. Sometime, draw them out by hand and brush on paper is not just projecting what had
inside my mind ,but also adding more unspeakable emotion and recalling the unmemorable


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